1844 - 1913

Emmanuel Lipmann

Emmanuel Isaac Lipmann was born in Neuf Brisach in 1844. Hailing from a Jewish family of Alsatian watchmakers, his father was a seller of watchmaking equipment. In 1867, Emmanuel founded a watchmaking workshop. The business quickly flourished due to the founder's hard work, innovative aesthetic vision, and determined character. In October 1868, he married Caroline Geismar, and they had 3 children: Ernest, the technician, and Camille, who led a new factory and contributed significantly to the family business's expansion. Jenny, on the other hand, played a less involved role and handled administrative tasks for a while. Emmanuel Lipmann passed away in 1913.


The phosphorescent dials of Pierre and Marie Curie.

Ernest Lipmann asked Pierre and Marie Curie to find a substance to read the time in the dark. In 1898, they discovered radium and invented the first phosphorescent dials for Lip.

1905 - 1996

Fred Lip

Frédéric Samuel Lipmann, grandson of Emmanuel and son of Ernest, was born in Besançon on November 2, 1905. After a turbulent education in Paris, he failed the baccalaureate exam in 1922. His father then brought him back to the family's roots and enrolled him at the watchmaking school in Besançon. After completing his military service, he traveled to the United States in 1928 for a study trip where he visited watchmaking factories and the assembly plants of "Harley Davidson" and "Indian" motorcycles. This journey, along with his passion for motorsport, would influence his vision and methods.

In August 1931, he joined the family business. Considered a "genius" by some and "eccentric" by others, "Fred" revolutionized traditions. Under his leadership, Lip SA innovated and became the leading watchmaker in France. The year 1954 marked the peak of the company with 1,500 employees and 300,000 watches produced annually, and in 1960, the Palente factory was established.

However, Fred Lip couldn't adapt to the rapidly changing watch market with the introduction of quartz technology, and in February 1971, he passed the torch. He passed away in Paris on November 9, 1996.


LIP is a brand

The Lip brand is registered, and the dials are marked with the three letters LIP.


The revolution of the distribution network.

Lip innovates with a promotional campaign consisting of magazine advertisements and wall posters to promote its distribution network, which was a revolution in the watchmaking world. Indeed, exclusive representatives sell Lip watches at Lip's official price, offering national warranty coverage.


"The Southern Cross" by Jean Mermoz.

Since 1935, Lip has been producing a limited series of aviation wristwatches called Type 10, which were used on Jean Mermoz's "Croix du Sud" flight. In tribute to Jean Mermoz's birth in 1901, Lip reissued the Type 10 in 2001.



Produced from 1935 until the late 1950s, a T18 watch was offered to Sir Winston Churchill in 1948 by the French government in recognition of the services rendered by Great Britain to France during World War II.

1950 - 2015


The first electric watch is a LIP.

Under the leadership of Fred Lip, the research conducted since 1946 led to the creation of the first electric watch, named "Electronic." It was unveiled on March 19, 1952, and was released for sale in December 1958.


The legendary Nautic Ski.

For the company's centennial, Lip introduced the "Nautic-Ski" in the spring of 1967. It was the first waterproof watch rated for 200 meters underwater (20 atmospheres) and featured an inner rotating bezel placed under the glass to prevent accidental movement during navigation, ensuring safety.


Fred Lip at the forefront of design.

Continuously innovative and ahead of his time, Fred Lip embarked on a design adventure with Prince François De Baschmakoff. This renowned colorist, known for his fashion magazine illustrations, collaborated in creating new Lip watch models. The result was the birth of a French mechanical watch with digital display: the De Baschmakoff.


The adventure of the 7 designers.

Claude Neuschwander, former executive of Publicis and the new CEO of Lip, enlisted 7 designers from diverse backgrounds, all considered the best in their field. They contributed to the 1975 collection: Roger Tallon, Rudolf Meyer, Marc Held, Michel Boyer, Isabelle Hebey, Michel Kinn, and Jean Dinh Van. The outcome was brilliant and remains cutting-edge even to this day.


"The Southern Cross" by Jean Mermoz.

Since 1935, Lip has been producing a limited series of Type 10 aviation wristwatches, which were used on Jean Mermoz's "Croix du Sud" flight. In tribute to Jean Mermoz's birth in 1901, Lip reissued the Type 10 in 2001.


The Mythic creation

Prisca Briquet, the then Head of Lip Collections, created the Mythic while upholding the brand's values of technical innovation and avant-garde design.


LIP designs are timeless.

The NAUTIC-SKI watch, the first truly waterproof French watch rated for 200 meters, is timeless and legendary, representing the brand's exceptional craftsmanship. Robust, reliable, and fully waterproof, NAUTIC-SKI accompanied Eric TABARLY worldwide, contributing to the creation of his legend.


Henriette, embodying all the vintage spirit of the 1960s.

LIP adorns itself with a feminine touch through the JULIETTE & HENRIETTE range, small watches for women full of charm and nostalgia. A subtle blend of elegance, femininity, and vintage, it is the timepiece of yesteryears that remains very contemporary. The future of LIP is taking shape in Besançon...