Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Identification of the seller.

Lip is a brand operated by Société des Montres de Besançon (SMB)

Address: Rue des Maurapans, 25870 CHATILLON LE DUC - FRANCE

Phone: +33 (0)3 81 48 48 58

Email: cdias@smb-horlogerie.com

M.G.H. - MANUFACTURE GENERALE HORLOGERE is designated by SMB as the official distributor of the Lip brand for E-commerce.

Address: Avenue de la Gare, 32700 LECTOURE - FRANCE

Phone: +33 (0)5 62 68 55 42

Email: contact@lip.fr

Applicable Law / Disputes.

Any order placed on the E-commerce website lip.fr is addressed to MGH, the official distributor of the Lip brand, and implies the unconditional acceptance of these general sales conditions. It is the responsibility of each customer, whether professional or individual, to review the general sales conditions of MGH before placing an order.

For orders placed by customers residing in metropolitan France, Corsica, and overseas departments and territories (D.O.M.-T.O.M.), as well as for international sales, French law shall apply. In the case of international sales, for any matters not covered by French law and these general sales conditions, the parties agree to refer to the provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of April 11, 1980.

The products offered for sale comply with French regulations. If applicable, it is the responsibility of foreign customers to verify with local authorities the possibilities of using the product they intend to order; MGH shall not be held liable for any violation of regulations in a foreign country where the product is delivered.

The parties will attempt to amicably resolve any disputes or disputes related to the formation or execution of the sale. In the absence of an agreement, only the courts at the seat of MGH shall have jurisdiction.

Presentation of Products.

The characteristics of the products offered for sale are presented on the website lip.mgh-watches.com (hereinafter referred to as "the site"). The photographs are not contractual and MGH shall not be held responsible for any errors that may occur.

MGH reserves the right to make any modifications it deems necessary to its products at any time, without any obligation to modify previously delivered or ordered products. MGH also reserves the right to modify the models in the website descriptions without prior notice.

Validity and Duration of Offers.

Our products are offered for sale until they are sold out. We take particular care to remove any product from our online site in the event of its production being discontinued. Sales generated with a promotion that should not have been applied due to a technical issue cannot be honored if the exclusion of said promotion on a product, range, or minimum/maximum price was clearly expressed.

Price of Products

The prices of the products on the website are in Euros (with the possibility of converting to Dollars), all taxes included, and excluding any possible delivery charges. Any delivery charges are the responsibility of the customer and are billed in addition to the selling price of the products and possibly services. The delivery charges may vary depending on the number and type of products ordered. The customer will always be informed of the delivery charges related to their order before the final registration of the order, and the payment will be requested from the customer for the total amount of the purchase. Thus, the choice and validation of a payment method by the customer implies that the customer agrees to pay the associated delivery charges. Therefore, the delivery charges cannot be a valid reason for challenging the order after its final registration.


The customer validates their order when they activate the "VALIDATE" link on the "Secure Payment by Credit Card" page. By doing so, the customer implicitly accepts the order process and these general sales conditions.

MGH confirms the order by email; this confirmation includes all the elements of the order. The data recorded by MGH constitutes proof of the nature, content, and date of the order.


Payment can be made by credit card, check, or PayPal. The online payment section of the website www.lip.fr is secured with SSL encryption for all payment information. Under no circumstances are these payment details managed or stored on our servers or the website www.lip.fr.


Order processing is only effective on business days (from Monday to Friday). Shipments are handled by CHRONOPOST or COLISSIMO services of La Poste for mainland France and CHRONOPOST for overseas departments and territories (DOM-TOM) and international orders.

Delivery times cannot give rise to damages, withholding, or cancellation of current orders.

The buyer bears the risks related to transportation, and in case of damages and/or missing items noticed upon receipt, the buyer will make all necessary claims with the carrier and inform the Customer Service of MGH within 24 hours by:

Email: contact@lip.fr

Postal address: MGH - E-commerce Service - Avenue de la Gare - 32700 LECTOURE

Phone: +33 (0)5 62 68 55 42

Shipping by CHRONOPOST.

Speed: From the time it is taken over by La Poste, you will be delivered to your home within 24 hours in metropolitan France and Monaco.

Pick-up / Delivery: During delivery, any damages or theft must be subject to written, precise, complete, dated, and signed reservations by the recipient on the delivery slip.

Loss / Damage: CHRONOPOST is liable for loss or material damage caused to the package during transport or for non-delivery, except in cases of fault by the sender or recipient, force majeure, inherent vice of the item, insufficient packaging, which are non-exhaustive cases of exoneration.

Delay: For national shipments, the deadlines apply for pick-up from Monday to Saturday morning and delivery from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Depending on the services, Saturday delivery is possible as an option.

For international shipments, the deadlines apply for pick-up from Monday to Friday, except for shipments made on Saturday, where the deadlines start from the following Monday. Deliveries are made on working days, excluding public holidays, in the destination country.

Traceability: At any time, using the package number provided by the lip.fr website, you can track your package by logging in (free consultation excluding communication and connection costs from the chosen operator) to the website www.chronopost.fr/transport-express/livraison-colis to find out its current location.

Shipping by COLLISSIMO

Speed: From the time it is taken over by La Poste, you will be delivered to your home within 48 hours (working days) for shipments in metropolitan France, Corsica, and Monaco.

Security: With Colissimo, your order is delivered to you from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 12 pm, handed over in person, and requires a signature. In case of absence or impossibility to deliver your package (no caretaker, etc.), your parcel carrier will leave a delivery notice indicating the date and address of the Post Office where you can pick up your package upon presentation of an identity document.

From the date mentioned on the delivery notice, you have 15 days to pick up your package. After this period, it will be automatically returned to the sender.

Traceability: At any time, using the package number provided by the lip.fr website (e.g., 8V00300548899), you can track your package by logging in (free consultation excluding communication and connection costs from the chosen operator) to the website www.laposte.fr/colissimo to find out its current location.

Intellectual property

All texts and images presented on the website are reserved, worldwide, under copyright and intellectual property rights. Reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited without the prior formal agreement of MGH - MANUFACTURE GENERALE HORLOGERE.

Force majeure and act of God

MGH shall not be held liable for any failure to meet its contractual obligations in the event of force majeure or acts of government. In such cases, MGH is not obliged to inform the customer of this inability. Furthermore, the customer shall not be entitled to cancel their order or initiate any compensation proceedings against MGH.


For any information, question, or complaint regarding the website lip.fr, the customer can contact the Customer Service:

Tel: +33 (0)5 62 68 55 42

Email: contact@lip.fr


LIP watches offer their customers a commercial warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase. This warranty will be limited solely to the repair or replacement of defective products ordered on the lip.fr website, without further liability in any other manner.

This warranty covers the functioning of the mechanical movement or quartz module, excluding the battery, strap, glass, and case (for gold plating less than 3 microns). After repair, the original warranty of the watch remains unchanged and continues as normal. Repaired or replaced parts (excluding glass) carry a new warranty for a duration of 6 months. Throughout the product's lifetime, private customers also have the option to apply the warranty against hidden defects as provided for in articles 1641 and following of the civil code.

MGH disclaims any responsibility in the event of mishandling of its products. The following list of cases, for which the warranty does not apply, is not exhaustive:

Damage resulting from accidents

Interventions outside of MGH services

Presence of rust in the movement of non-waterproof watches

For all orders delivered in France, returns for exchange or refund are free. For any other country, return costs are borne by the customer. The SMB customer service for the lip.fr website is the only authorized entity to proceed with the repair of materials and products under warranty. Defective products covered by this warranty should be sent to SMB, After-Sales Service, Rue des Maurapans, 25870 CHATILLON LE DUC - FRANCE.

Cancellation of order.

The customer has 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery to return the product free of charge, for deliveries within metropolitan France. During the holiday season, this period is exceptionally extended to 90 (ninety) days for purchases made from November 1st to December 31st. The customer will be refunded the product price within a maximum of fourteen days from the date of receipt of the returned product at the premises of the company MGH. For other countries, returns are at the customer's expense.

However, products that are returned incomplete, damaged, or defective due to mishandling will not be accepted for returns or exchanges.

Data confidentiality

All personal data concerning you (name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email address, IP address of your computer, etc.) that you may have provided to us through the website www.lip.fr will not be disclosed to third parties.

These pieces of information will not be used without your consent; we will only use them to send you emails or mail.

In accordance with the "Informatique et Libertés" law, Article 34, you have the right to access, rectify, and delete the data concerning you. To exercise this right, please contact MGH, web service, Avenue de la Gare, 32700 Lectoure, France, or by email.

Storage of transactions

The archiving of purchase orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable medium in order to correspond to a faithful and lasting copy in accordance with Article 1348 of the Civil Code.


In accordance with the current regulations, as per Article R.541-173 of the Environmental Code and under the application of the AGEC law, anti-waste law for a circular economy, a new Unique Identifier (IDU) for each sector is issued by ADEME to facilitate monitoring and control of compliance with the obligations of Extended Producer Responsibility (REP). MGH is, therefore, registered with eco-organisations.

IDU for the packaging sector: FR213330_01KUFN

IDU for the batteries and accumulators sector: FR001228_06ZD8B

IDU for the waste of electrical and electronic equipment sector: FR001228_05YLT4