Maison Lip

Today, LIP has two industrial sites in France.


  • Model development.
  • Prototyping, casing, and watch regulation.
  • Storage of finished products.
  • In-store distribution.
  • In-store after-sales service management.


  • Online direct-to-consumer sales through website.
  • In-store distribution.
  • Social media management.

What is done in France?

In Besançon, we carry out all watchmaking operations, from model creation to mass production.

The watch design, as well as the initial technical and industrial drawings, are executed in our CAD and CAM offices.

We then internally handle the entire prototyping process for future novelties. All prototype parts, except for the movement, are machined using CNC machines or 3D printers. This allows us to test the real-life durability of chosen technical solutions and to appreciate the design of our future models "on the wrist."

Once a model is approved for mass production, we outsource the manufacturing of components to specialized companies. Every received component is meticulously inspected before joining our casing process. All LIP watches are assembled in our workshops in Besançon.

Where are the watch components manufactured?

Our watch cases, all made of 316L stainless steel, as well as the mineral glasses, are manufactured in China, in the factories of our partner subcontractors, according to our specifications.

All other components are European, with a preference for French sourcing.

The sapphire glasses come from Switzerland.

Our dials and hands are manufactured in Switzerland.

The straps come from a French company based in Besançon and are crafted using Italian leather.

What movements are used in a LIP watch?

The Quartz movements, for the majority, come from Switzerland, from the two major Swiss-made Quartz movement manufacturers: ISA SWISS S.A. and RONDA S.A. We use Japanese Quartz movements manufactured by MIYOTA (Citizen Group) in highly technical models that are not available from our Swiss suppliers, such as chronographs.

The Automatic movements are assembled and regulated in Besançon, using MIYOTA (Citizen Group) watch blanks from Japan. We receive these watch blanks in separate parts and perform all assembly and spiral regulation steps ourselves using WITCHI machines, which are of Swiss origin.

Therefore, we have the most French of Japanese movements: all the assembly and regulation processes are carried out in Besançon.

The LIP After-Sales Service.

Like all objects used daily, a LIP watch needs to be maintained by a professional to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

The repair and servicing of our watches are carried out by our LIP horology experts at our industrial site in Besançon.

All parts used for the repair of our watches are certified as LIP Besançon-made.