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Lip is a french watch brand, all production is based in France, the SMB company make all Lip watches into his assembly shop.


Limited Risk Company with a capital of 301.200 euros,
registered at the RCS Auch under the numbre: 443 768 452 / 2002 B 257,
Its head office is based at :
Avenue de la Gare
32700 Lectoure
T. + 33 (0)5 62 68 93 33

Conception / Creation

142 avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris
T/F. +33 (0)1 42 71 48 36


2 rue Kellermann
59100 Roubaix

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They musn't use in an umproper way any collected information that they have access to. And in a more general regard, they are forbidden to act in a manner that could compromise people's privacy or reputation.

Access right to the comporized file

In respect of the french law n° 78-17 from th 6th of january 1978 regarding computers files and rights (CNIL), every user who has entered some information that are directly or undirectly personnal, can request them and can eventually ask them to be modified simply by sending a letter to M.G.H – Internet Service – Avenue de la Gare – 32700 Lectoure – France

Website access

M.G.H. gives access to the website's users to some informations and tools thar are veryfied but isn't in any case responsable of the mistakes or unavailability of some informations. We than thank the users of this website to let us know if anything had been forgotten or about any possible corrections by simply sending an email to this address:

Our objective is to display acurate and up to date informations. We'll try to correct any mistake that will be pointed to us .

Informations on the website are:
* excusively general and don't concerne anbody's situation in particular. Both for a personn or a group.
* are not neceraly exhaustive, complete, axact or up to date;
* sends link out toward other websites on which ones M.G.H has no control and on which ones M.G.H won't take any responsability for;
* cannot be recognized as a legal or proffessional opinion

We want to avoid as much as possible any unconveniencies generated by technical errors. However certain data or information on our website can have been created or structured in files or formats that are not cleansed of any mistake and we cannot garantee that our service won't be interrupted or affected by such problems. M.G.H declines any responsabilty regarding such unconveniences that could have been created from the use of this website or any other website that it could send the visitor to.

This clause of non responsabilty hasn't for mission to limitate M.G.H's responsabilty regarding its legal obligations.

Intellectual property

The general structure, the programms, texts, pictures (animated or not), sounds, know-hows, drawings, graphics and all the other elements composing the website exclusively belong to M.G.H

Any copy, complete or partial of this website by any possible process without M.G.H's authorization is forbidden and would represent an imitation that would be punished by the articles L335-2 and nexts od the intellectual property code. The hyperlinks in place on the present website and poiting toward other ressources on the internet networks cannot engage M.G.H's responsabilty.

The visitors and user of the website cannot put a link on their website with M.G.H's authorization.
To do so please send us an email to this address:

Applicable Law

The use of this website is under french law, except any other legislation