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Where is my tracking number ?

Thank you for the order that you’ve just confirmed on our website. To track your order, simply log into "My Account" with your email address and password used for your order. Once logged in your account, you will have on the right hand side of the page, a list of all the orders you’ve put through with their respective dates. Click the "Details" button next to the order you want to review to get its state as well as its tracking number. If you click, you will be redirected to the shipping company’s page where you’ll be able to see the delivery progress.

How can I exchange my watch ?

From the moment when you put your order through on our website, you have a 30 days to return your if it does if it does not meet your expectations. To do this, simply return the watch in a package and tell us why you want to return the watch. Please join you original order number to the parcel (example: No. 2012LIPXXXX) and send it to the following address :

Manufacture Générale Horlogère
Service Web E-commerce
Avenue de la Gare
32700 Lectoure - France

We advise you to pack your watch with as much care as possible (send it in the original packaging if possible) to avoid shock and damages during the shipping. We will proceed upon receipt for a refund or pay you the difference if your replacement choice was more or less expensive compared to your initial order. The calculation is based on the price of the watch with taxes and excluding the shipping costs.

How do I get a refund if I'm not satisfied ?

From the moment when you put your order through on our website, you have 30 days to return your if it does if it does not meet your expectations. To do this, simply return the watch in a package and tell us why you want to return the watch. Please join you original order number to the parcel (example: No. 2012LIPXXXX) and send it to the following address:

Manufacture Générale Horlogère
Service web E-commerce
Avenue de la Gare
32700 Lectoure - France

Is it possible to have an estimated price or date of manufacture of an ancient lip model ?

If you own an older model from the brand Lip and want more information about it or an estimate, our dedicated service can help you by looking through our archives. To receive information, we recommend you to either:
• complete the online form and make sure you attach a picture of the watch at the following adress:

How can I buy a strap for my lip watch ?

To place an order for a new bracelet :

Many strap are selling into the website - If you don't find it send a mail to

Please don’t forget to give us the reference number on the back of your watch such as : “187xxx”. On you request, our service will check the availability of the required part and will mail or email you a quote that’ll be able to accept or refuse. The amount of the quote, set in advance is due in advance by check or by wire transfer including postage. Your part will be shipped at once when your payement is cleared.

How long is the warranty and what are the conditions ? ?

Your watch has an international warranty of two years starting from the date of purchase. The guarantee certificate and if possible the receipt must be sent along with the watch for any repair.
This warranty covers manufacturing defects and the movement movement’s good working order. This guarantee does not cover the battery life, normal wear and aging of the materials, the strap, the glass, the watch case, peeling of the plating and any damages resulting from negligence, shocks, accidents, a lack of care, a failure to follow operating instructions supplied by us, an improper use or an intervention done by a third party.
The conditions of this guarantee don’t affect in any way the customer’s rights for an appeal if he thinks that there are some hidden misconceptions in accordance with the Article 1641 of the Civil Code.

How do I proceed to get my watch repaired by lip’s after sales service? ?

If you bought your watch on website and it has a functional problem, we invite you to send it to our after-sales Lip service dedicated to E-commerce. To do this, please send it by mail in an appropriate protective packaging with your warranty certificate or proof of purchase. Our professional watchmakers team will make a diagnosis of technical problems of your watch. If these repairs are not covered by the warranty, our service will send you an estimate that you will be free to approve or to decline.

Thank you for sending back your watch to the following address:

Manufacture Générale Horlogère
After Sales Service E-commerce Lip
Avenue de la gare
32700 Lectoure - France
Phone: +33 (0) 5 62 68 59 11
You can contact us from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 14h to 17h to get the tracking of your repair.

If you bought your Lip watch in a shop, we invite you to send it back to our LIP after-sales service dedicated to shop purchases:

After sales service
Rue des Maurapans
zac Valentin

Phone :
Email :

How long does it take to get a quote and get my watch fixed ?

Upon receipt of your watch, we will create a folder with the details of your request. If the repairs are not not covered warranty, the watch will be repaired within a period ranging from 15 days to 1 month depending on the repairs.
If the repairs require an estimate, the estimate will be made up within 15 days to 1 month. Upon receipt of the confirmed quote, the watch will be repaired and shipped within a week maximum.

I've lost the instructions for my watch. Is it possible to get them from you ?

If you have lost the manual for your watch, you can contact our customer service who will be happy to send you a new one by post or email, whichever you prefer. Our professional watchmakers are also at your service for any advice on operations or adjustment of your watch. To do this you simply contact them at:

Email :

How do I set my automatic watch ?

You have just purchased a watch with an automatic movement. Unlike a conventional watch (quartz watch), you must wind up the spring of the automatic movement of your watch regularly if you want it to work properly. When the clock is stopped (first use) or if it has not been worn for numerous of hours, it can be started by turning the crown ten times (crown in normal position) or by shaking the watch for 1 minute (the little weight wil then wind up the spring of motion). After that, the movements of your wrist will the watch th watch running.
We advise you to repeat this procedure on a daily basis if you find that your watch is slow or if it stops.

Of course our team of professional watchmakers is also at your disposal and available for any further explanation.

Email :

Even with the instructions, I can’t manage to set the time up on my watch. Can you give me a solution ?

If, despite the provision of detailed instructions for your model, you could not achieve all settings, our professional watchmakers are at your disposal and available for an explanation.

Simply contact them :

Email :

What care can I give to my watch to make it last ?

To preserve your watch, we recommend you to use a soft brush with warm soapy water and gently brush (this method is only possible if your watch is water resistant up to at least 50 meters) . Rinse the watch thoroughly with cool water and dry it with a soft cloth. We particularly recommend this after going to the swimming pool or to the sea.
We also recommend you to avoid prolonged contact with water to ensure the longevity of your leather bracelets.
Contact with greasy substances, cosmetics as well as prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided as they may deteriorate rapidly the joints on your watch.
You need to protect your watch from shocks and avoid intense activities such as DIY or very dynamic sports.

What are the waterproofing rules for a watch?

The resistance of a watch is always shown on the back of the case. So if no indication is given, your watch isn’t waterproof.

    A 30 meters water resistant watch does not allow immersion and can not bear more than the occasional splashes. That's why we advise you to remove your watch before any contact with water: washing hands, cleaning dishes.

    A 50 meters water resistant watch will allow you to immerse it but with a reasonable use in the bathroom tub or a pool without any diving. Please be aware that a direct jet from a shower or a tap directly on the glass or the push buttons may be the equivalent of a 50 meters water pressure and your watch may then take the water.

    A 100 meters water resistant watch will not take water and will resist immersions even when used during water sports.

    A 200 meters water resistant watch can be uses in deep water while scuba diving, jet skiing, or diving.

It is important to understand that the watch is sealed during the manufacturing process but that state cannot be guaranteed for life. Seals and joints age and it is therefore necessary to check your watch after at the occasion of every opening and also during maintenance check every year.