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Commune de Paris 1871

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Eversince 2009, Alexandre Maïsetti - cheeky Paris dweller born and raised on the hill of Menilmontant - and Sebastin Lyky - ex- suburbanite exiled in the area of Belleville - have been creating chic products for men under the Commune de Paris 1871 banner. With an impertinent sense of the importance of details, these self-taught clothing manufacturers make the classic male wardrobe their own. In their audaciousness, they go so far as to refuse to choose between quality materail and quality craft. Thus it's exclusively on European territory that Englis tweed, Italian poplin and Japanese Denim are cut and sewn. From time to time these guerilla fighters in the field of fashion create a few mixed accessories, decorative objects and other curios using the same principles and the same insolence.