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Commune de Paris 1871

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This watch is the result of the collaboration with Lip and the French fashion brand "Commune de Paris 1871". With this association, Lip gives pride of place to trendy fashion accessories. Tennis or revolutionary, stripes invest our dressing-room. Ideal for revisiting classics and putting pep in your daily life!

Special Edition 2015. All parts are numbered

French History
"Commune de Paris" is a fashion boutique and accessories for men. Creative label founded in 2009, which refers to the Paris insurrection, is very popular mostly among hipsters.

In 1871, the Commune of Paris was at the origin of the insurrection which lasted 72 days before being repressed in the blood by Adolphe Thiers during the "Bloody Week". It was the revolt of the workers against the bourgeoisie. They paid their insubordination at the cost of their lives and exile for the luckiest.
"This revolt represents the Parisian identity. The Commune is a symbolic event of the mood and insubordination of the Parisians, proud of their achievements and ready to defend them, crystallizing an identity, values and a time when people were open to art and creativity".
The brand seeks illustrators who refer in their motifs to symbols linked to the history of the Commune and and its revolutionary evocations.
With a special mention for the prints of the collective creative, recognizable at first glance. The shop "Commune de Paris" was thus named in reference to the historical event and the idea of insurrection, period of social and political values. The first boutique opened in Paris, in the Marais district. In addition to clothing, "Commune de Paris" also offers objects and does not hesitate to multiply collaborations.