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Mach 2000

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Mach 2000

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Roger Tallon, born March 6, 1929, is'nt only the man of the TGV. It's the French designer who, very quickly, positions his career on an international level. It gradually imposed the job of industrial designer as a real profession with a recognized status.
In 1996, Lip solicited him to restylate the line of the "Mach 2000". Then the cut of the dial, the strange winding-up and the frostproof materials, rejuvenate this watch with expressions adroitly colored. Roger Tallon, surpassing the customs and traditions of watchmaking, will decline it in many different versions and models.
*** Roger Tallon died on October 20, 2011, we make tribute to this great gentleman of industrial design who brought us a lot. ***