NAUTIC SKI - An exceptional timepiece.

Filled with vintage, nostalgia and technicality, the avant-garde NAUTIC-SKI was the very first French watch to be water-resistant to 200 metres.

A French History

The sturdy Nautic-Ski was proposed in the spring of 1967 for the centenary of LIP and was actually launched in France for the Olympic Games in Grenoble in 1968.

Thanks to its watertightness to 200 metres and its inner rotating bezel located under the glass to avoid any movement that could cause an underwater accident, the Nautic-Ski was ahead of its time.

The Nautic-Ski also owes its name to Muriel, Fred LIP's daughter. As a tribute to the passion of his daughter who was a member of the French women's alpine ski team from 1950 to 1956, Fred LIP adds the designation "ski".

Fred LIP's words still resonate today within the Maison LIP :

"Designing a watch with a particular movement, spending years developing it, holding back from launching it on the market until it is exactly what you wanted it to be, is exciting. »

It is precisely this feeling that animated the PIL House throughout the reissue of the legendary NAUTIC-SKI.

The underwater and aerial performances of this mythical model have moreover seduced the legendary navigator Eric TABARLY, who contributed to the success of this emblematic watch.

Robust, reliable and resistant, the Nautic-Ski has accompanied the great navigator, Eric TABARLY in his adventures.