Himalaya Collection

The Himalaya, a timepiece of timeless elegance.

The Himalayan model's reliability and durability have made it famous.

A French History

The HIMALAYA model was born from a discussion between Fred LIP, a mountain enthusiast, and his friend, Lionnel TERRAY, a mountain guide. Maurice HERZOG, a friend of Fred LIP, has strongly contributed to the success of the Himalaya watch. Maurice HERZOG was the first mountaineer to climb the Annapurna, he accomplished a feat. The Himalaya watch symbolizes the performance of Maurice HERZOG. The watch acquired its name from the mountain range that shelters the highest peaks in the world: HIMALAYA. The HIMALAYA watch has truly made history. Indeed, "Nine out of ten of the "Greats" of mountaineering chose it for its extraordinary resistance to the elements and to shocks", declared the 1959 advertisements. Associated with a number of sporting events, "it equipped all the expeditions", including the Tour de France, where it rewarded the best sportsman of the day.